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Russia Chechnya: Two Islamist commanders 'killed'

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Russian security forces have killed two Islamist commanders and at least nine other militants in an operation in Chechnya, security sources say. The two commanders were named as brothers Khusein and Muslim Gakayev, who were among the region's "most wanted" men. Among other attacks, they were accused of trying to kill Chechnya's Moscow-backed leader, Ramzan Kadyrov. They were reportedly killed after security forces responded to an ambush. At least one member of the security forces was killed and five were injured during the two-day operation in Chechnya's Vedeno district. There was no immediate confirmation of the Gakayevs' deaths from Chechen militant sources - who did however report heavy fighting in Vedeno this week.

26.01.2013. 00:02:16